Friday, March 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Card

This year's Valentine Day cards were a blast to make. The ideas came rather quickly which I can't say always happens. My usual process is to gather all the stamps that I have for the type of card I want to make. And of course the gather process most times includes going to the craft store. Buying a new set or two to add to the growing variety of stamps I already have. This sometimes sparks the creative juice and an idea will pop into my head right there on the spot. That is what happened for the card I'm going to share with you.

The stamp set I bought this year looked like postage stamps and I thought it would be cute to create a card of a envelope you might receive for Valentine Day.

I also picked up little coin envelopes from staples to complete the look. Are they so cute and tiny. I punched out a bunch of hearts for my orginal idea of hearts bursting out of the envelope. As you will see that was not how the card ended up.

In order to add some dimension and texture, I decided to antique the coin envelope. Once I had added the color to the envelopes I changed direction from the original idea of having hearts poping out of the card to the look below. I also layered it on book paper and coordinating scrapbook paper in order to give it the look of being on top of a pile of mail just brought in from the mailbox.

The coin envelopes were sealed with a kiss from the set of stamps that set the inspiration in motion.  I really enjoyed making this card for my friends and family. It really brings me so much joy to create something for them on each of the holidays.
I hope your Valentine's Day was filled with love and gratitude from your friends and family.
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