Saturday, January 26, 2013

Chinese Market Soup

For the last few years I've made what I've termed Chinese Market Soup. The idea came about when I read an article about a open market. Where a soup vendor had a hot broth and you got to add the ingredients you wanted in the soup. And they poured the hot broth over it and you had a soup just the way you like it.

I line up all the ingredients for everyone to pick from. I always have the staples of a soup, carrots, beans, pasta, potatoes, etc. I have also put out bok choy, bean sprouts, watercress to name a few things.

The trick to serving this soup is make sure the broth is super hot. Once the broth is poured over the ingredients it cools off a bit.

The kids love it. They get to pick what they want and usually they eat the whole thing cause after all they made it themselves. LOL

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Snowy Gingerbread Party

For this year's annual Gingerbread House party I decided to go with a Snowy decorating theme. I found these snow covered greenery

I used an vintage watering can to hold the greenery and placed the wintery painting I painted this year.

I used the wreath I created last year. (you can read about it here) along with reindeer. I use snow batting and fake snow around the legs.

In the corner I set up for the house pieces were set up with a couple of trees also with snow batting and fake snow. 

On the trays with that held the house pieces I sprinkled sugar on it for the snow effect.

And hung Christmas lights on the ceiling for a extra touch. I love the way the lights look so much I am considering keeping them up year round.

Here is a look at all the candy laid out ready to decorate houses.

Here is a look at the houses that were created.

Everyone had a great time and went home with a Gingerbread House they created

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas front porch

 I normally decorate a little more traditional. Here is a picture from last year

I wanted something a little more christmasy for the front porch this year. I decided to go with Christmas ball. First I wanted to do one big ball on top of each each but I couldn't find a ball the size I wanted. I found these from the Christmas tree shop.

I used 3 different sizes on each urn.


To add the Christmas balls to the urns and wheel barrow. I glued chop sticks to balls and stuck them into the dirt so they wouldn't blow around. Here is a picture of adding the balls to the wheel barrow.

I added fake snow and sparkles as a finishing touch.


I loved the look of sprinkled snow. It added a really nice touch for the Christmas season.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Cards

What a busy December! Between work, shopping and getting ready for the Holiday. December passed by very quickly. One thing I promised myself last year was to take is easier this year and not try to do it all and be everywhere. Would you believe it I actually did. I spent a few quite evenings at home enjoying the Christmas movies that were on. I just love watching all those Christmas movies from the classical It's a wonderful life (my personal favorite) to the sappy love ones like Matchmaker Santa. I really do try to watch as many as I can every December. Corny I know... but it's my thing... can't help myself. One other thing I did was create my Christmas Cards.

Here is one that I created

 I got this idea from a shadow box I saw with all the days of the month and little nick knacks from Christmas. I originally wanted to put all the days of the month on the card like I saw in the inspiration piece, but quickly realized there just wasn't going to be enough room.

Then I though I would just mixed up the number from 1 through 10 using different kinds of mediums. Playing cards, stamps, etc. Talk about happy accidents. With out any planning I picked the #2 from the miniature playing cards and the number 5 from my stamps and accidentally put them together.
The card came together rather quickly after that. I stamped out all the pieces I needed.
Cut them out and colored them in.
Put it all together.
Love the way it came out. I might not have gotten all the numbers on the card like I saw in the inspiration piece but I did get the feel of it. 12 for the twelve days of Christmas. The clock to represent the counting down. A calender like item for the year we wait until christmas comes. A star for the christmas star and a Christmas ornament. And of course the big day itself the number 25.
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