Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Coffee Can Transformation

I love the Illy brand coffee and they come in these great cans
I been feeling bad about throwing them out all the time. I decided to find a way to use a couple of them in a re-purposed way. I have this wonder paper from KC and Company.

Don't you just love the colors and design. I'm sure you can guess what I did next...yup your right I covered the cans with the paper.
I did each can a little different to see which way worked the best. The first can I just adhered the paper using mod podge edge to edge. There is a slight indentation at the top of the can for the screw top. Which posed a problem with a tight fit but the rest of the can work beautifully. The second can I brought the paper over the top. This looked great, giving a more finished feel to the edge of the  can and also it covered the sharp edge along the top edge. The draw back it looked messy inside of the can. I added some fiber and other flowers.. here is what the finished product looks like.
When I do these again. I'll try something else for the top edge. I think I will put ribbon along the inside edge to cover the inside edge to cover the sharp edge and giving it a finished look.
Now they are sitting pretty on my work table full of paint brushes and scissors. 

It's awesome you stopped by....Thanks

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Canopy

Remember these pails that I picked up for $1.50
And I turned them into umbrella stands
I finally got around to finishing the canopy. I bought a painters cloth from Home Depot. They come in several sizes. So you can choose the size that is right for your space. Just put some grommets in each of the four corners. A bit of a warning when picking out a grommet maker. They can be hard to place depending on the size of grommet and brand you us..  I had attached eye hooks into the top of these poles and used S hooks to attach the canopy to the poles. Here is the finished product.

I admit the poles where a little to tall for the weight of the canopy...notice the snagging... but it did the trick. We had just the right amount of shade. Next year I might switch out the PVC poles for the galvanized pipe or even copper pipe. Hmmm imagine the patina on that over time. And you don't even have to use the pipe. You can tie the canopy to  trees if you're lucky to have some in the back yard.

So for under $50.00 I got a canopy that gives some shade and adds a little character to the yard.

A special thanks goes out to Daniel who helped with his man power and did the grommet work for me. He was even kind enough to hang the canopy up as well. We wouldn't have had the shade without you.  Thanks

It's awesome you stopped by....