Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Coffee Can Transformation

I love the Illy brand coffee and they come in these great cans
I been feeling bad about throwing them out all the time. I decided to find a way to use a couple of them in a re-purposed way. I have this wonder paper from KC and Company.

Don't you just love the colors and design. I'm sure you can guess what I did next...yup your right I covered the cans with the paper.
I did each can a little different to see which way worked the best. The first can I just adhered the paper using mod podge edge to edge. There is a slight indentation at the top of the can for the screw top. Which posed a problem with a tight fit but the rest of the can work beautifully. The second can I brought the paper over the top. This looked great, giving a more finished feel to the edge of the  can and also it covered the sharp edge along the top edge. The draw back it looked messy inside of the can. I added some fiber and other flowers.. here is what the finished product looks like.
When I do these again. I'll try something else for the top edge. I think I will put ribbon along the inside edge to cover the inside edge to cover the sharp edge and giving it a finished look.
Now they are sitting pretty on my work table full of paint brushes and scissors. 

It's awesome you stopped by....Thanks

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