Saturday, October 1, 2011

A BBQ Party

About a month ago I hosted what I hope to be an annual BBQ party. I had so much fun planning the meal and setting up the atmosphere for my guest. I had decided on making the look of the BBQ a French Country setting with a touch of tropical. Yes I know not a usual combination. As for the menu we had Flat breads on the grill, grilled veggies, steak, chicken and rainbow trout. Dessert was cupcakes and chocolate cake which were so kindly brought by my Aunt and my dear friend.

I used a ton of sunflower placed all over the backyard. I used Kale, Collar Greens and Basil from my garden as filler. You can see the Kale in the picture above

I also placed little chalk boards around to welcome my guests and to let them know with ease where they could find the food and drink.

You can just about make out the drink sign here. 

This is one of the 3 kinds of flat breads I made. We had brie with prosciutto, goat cheese fig and arugula and the in the picture was caramelized onions, sausage and Manchego cheese. So easy to make. The one trick I learned after the first batch was to cook the pizza dough on both sides before adding the topping this made for a much more crispy flat bread. We also had this yummy bean dip and salsa my sister brought over. Sorry I forgot to take pictures.

Here is the canopy again. And you'll see a nice palm in the corner to add that touch of tropics to the room. I also think the green and canopy gave a slight tropical feel.

To make things super easy for everyone I wrapped the utensils in a napkin and tied everything with a ribbon.
 The plates and utensil packets were placed into a basket. Everything in one place. I could have done this with out the help of my Aunt she volunteered to wrap the utensils

As for the main meal we had an assortment of grilled veggies
And this super fresh rainbow trout I bought from Whole foods. The fish monger there was so extremely helpful from picking out which fish to buy to how to prepare it. I followed his instructions to the tee and the fish came out perfect.

Of course we can't forget the bread. I just love the basket full of bread. Not only are they good to eat but they also add a decorative touch to the table . This basket was filled with baguettes, Asiago cheese baguette and a round loaf.

We partied and BBQ'd till dark. When the bugs started to come out we lit some citronella candles I found at Home Goods in the clearance aisle. They were simply amazing and quite strong. Not a bug dared to bother us. I'll have to look for them again next year.

It's awesome you stopped by.....Thanks!!

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