Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Decorations

 I just love Halloween, it's such a fun Holiday. It is the gateway or portal is you wish to the three months of festivities that are to follow.  Thanksgiving is wonderful Holiday a week of cleaning and shopping. Prepping and cooking starts the night before, you spending  the whole day eating and feel like a pig when it's all over. Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year as the song goes, has you stressed for 25 plus days buying the perfect gift for everyone. Making time to go to all the parties you have been invited to and let's not mention the party your hosting. And then comes New Years Eve, I'm sure we have all woken up to start the New Year with one mega hang over at some point in our lives.

Halloween is just about the fun.  Sure you might have to buy some candy but that is really all the stress involved. You get to see cute kids all dressed up with the rage of the year. Teenagers that want the candy but don't want to get teased by their peers if they go all out on a costume. And of course the grown-ups that get all into it like me.

As part of my Halloween decoration I decorated the Urns by my front door. As you can see they did need to be spruced up. The Geranium were moved to the garden.

The elements I am using to convert the urns from summer to Halloween is pumpkins, twig garland and black spider web type cloth.

 I left the vines that were already growing in the urns from my Summer plantings. I wrapped the twig garland around the urns. Placed a white pumpkin on top and draped the black spider web on top of it all.

To age it even more I place Spanish moss in the webbing and by the pumpkins. Here a view of how both urns turned out

I just love the way it turned out. So spooky!! It actually looks like they been there forever LOL

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