Thursday, October 6, 2011

Brimfield Antique Show

Brimfield Antique Show is my most guiltiest of pleasure ranking up there with chocolate. Yup that good. There and hundreds of vendors selling from good old fashion antiques that are either in "as is" quality to totally re-furbished. Items that have been hand crafted to thing recently salvaged. What ever your little hearts desire I'm sure you can find it here. I've been to this show 4 times now, and I never able to see all the vendors.  Here are a few photos of the show

This year I was on the look out for corbels. And I found some!! Three different types of designs all with an aged feel I was hoping for. One set even has the mounting brackets all done for me.

I will be using them to hold up some shelves in the kitchen.  I'll be redoing the kitchen soon and I'm going for a Tuscan farmhouse look in there. I think the corbels will add a nice rustic touch.

I love the Brimfield Antique Show for several reasons. The variety of items you can find, ideas you get, the fun of the hunt and the bargains. I got my lot of corbels for a mere $90.00. I had spied several on eBay for $35.00 or more per corbel. So you know I was doing my chicken strut and singing "I got myself a bargain...I got myself a bargain"

The show is held 3 times a year and I plan on going again next year. So check out their website and let me know if you want to go bargain hunting with me.

It's awesome you stopped by....Thanks!!

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