Sunday, October 23, 2011

Photo Class

I took a  photo class from Outward Bound. It was held in Central Park. I was so excited to see a hidden gem inside of the park, at least to me. I never been to the conservatory in Central Park. It was indeed very beautiful. The teacher was really nice. I felt a little lost because my camera a Nikon Coolpix L100 while not a point and shoot it doesn't have aperture or f-stop setting. She had told me to use the landscape setting and the close up setting for the class. Here are some photos I took.

She talked about setting up the shot that the object doesn't necessarily have to be in the middle of a picture as in this one that she liked.

Because the flower cuts across the picture to the main point of interest, the butterfly. And she liked this one as well for composition.

This photo I took, she had hoped someone would notice the scene and snap the shot.

Notice all the heads popping out of the hedges. Looks kind of funny doesn't it. This is how she said it should be cropped.

This shot I took by the pond.

Her suggestion for more interest.

This one she asked how I set it up and that if was framed really well. I felt to good

Here is what I learned. Take your time when setting up a shot. Like my heads popping out of the hedges would have been better had I taken my time. Don't be timid so ahead and ask people if you can take their picture. I missed a shot of someone whose sense of fashion was spectacular because I was to shy to ask for a pose. Be patience and take tons of photos of the subject of different angles and using the light setting of your camera. It just might take 20 shots to get the one you are after.

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