Monday, July 4, 2011

Wine of the Moment

The wine I'm current drinking is Bacaro Pinot Grigo Blush.
It has Raspberry notes, and a crisp clean taste that was very refreshing on this hot summer night. It was very light on the tongue. This bottle is actually been in my collection for a year so if you can find it. I suggest you get it. It was quite delicious.

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Chutney Masala

Last week we went to  Chutney Masala The place is off the beaten path. In a really adorable building. The restaurant is decorated in a vintage industrial way with a hint of Indian flair. The aroma was delicious. The waiter ask us the right questions to  suggest the right dishes for us when we asked for his help. We had Potato Samosa and Hara Bhara Kebab to start and
Chicken Biryani it was full of flavor with just a hint of heat and

And Goan Shrimp was creamy with a hint a coconut and

Bhuna Shrimp was a curry and delicious.
I would highly recommend this place and look forward to coming back
It will surprise and delight you.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Clipboard Art

I worked on these clipboards this past week.

I added this wine labels
and with my trusty Mod Podge glued the wine labels to the clipboards and coated it several times
 Wet sanded the edges, distressed the edge with some brown ink to give it a slightly aged look.

Now I have some every cool looking clipboards. Aren't they just so cute!!!  You can do this with any thing. Keep posted and you see what else me and Mod Podge are up to.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Farmer Market Yummies

Lovely Summer brings with it Farmers Markets. You can get some very fresh veggies and fruit. Here in Peekskill we also have a small Market every Saturday. But most of the times I head to the 14 Street market in the city. I go there mostly to get the veggies I can't get at my market or the supermarket like these Garlic Scapes.

These are the curly tops of garlic plants. The farmers cut them off so the plant grows a bigger bulb. And they are very yummy. The way I cook  them is just chop them up and saute in olive oil. To me they taste like green beans with garlic.

So very yummy. So the next time your at the market pick up something strange you just might like it.

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