Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Card

Every Holiday I try to come up with a new design for cards to send to my friends and family. I made this card for Halloween this year. When I was coming up with this idea for the card  I had stopped by AC Moore, my local arts and crafts store. I found this flocking powder that made the spider look and feel fuzzy.

Looks real doesn't it. Do make this card I used yellow and green card stock, a Halloween stamp set, orange and black ink pad, brown distress ink, white puff fabric paint for the eyes and of course the flocking powder.

I started by cutting my paper to size and using a boning tool to crease the cards. Next I distressed the front of the cards using the distressing ink and the orange ink pad.

I  then took the web stamp and using black ink I stamped the two opposite corners.

Finally I stamped the spider using a black pen draw a line down to the spider. I punched out three circles to stamp the word BOO and distressed them as well using the orange and black ink pads.
I filled in the eyes with the white puffy paint. Waited for it to dry using glue filled in the body of the spider I sprinkled the flocking powder.

I used dimensional stickers on the word BOO to give the depth and my card was done. I wanted to use the work EEK but I didn't have a the proper front type to get the right effect. But I think BOO works here. 

It's awesome you stopped by.... Thanks!!

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