Saturday, November 12, 2011

Waiting for the paint to dry

The last couple of projects I have been working on, like my kitchen

this piece of art work

the Halloween cards

I have been faced with waiting for paint/ink/glue to dry. This has been a source of major frustration for me. I start a project thinking it  will only take one week, as in the kitchen, and it ends up being two weeks. Or a couple of hours, as in the painting, and it takes a couple of days. All because I'm waiting for the paint to dry.

As I sat and pondered why all these projects kept coming up with the same issue. Here is what I found out to be true for me. Waiting for the paint to dry is about stepping back, giving myself time to think and examine. To allow for questions to raise up from my soul as in...  Is this really the color, image, placement that I'm looking for. It's about taking my time and enjoying the process of creating rather than getting something done. Like signing the Alphabet song it just isn't the same if you only sing ABC XYZ. All of the letters make up the song as waiting for the paint to dry is part of the process of creating something.

Even though waiting for the paint to dry can be frustrating I have learned that it is necessary. That  some times it is in the waiting that the greatest gifts come. Such as mastering a technique or seeing a new way to approach something because you had to step back.

So next time I find myself waiting for the paint to dry, I think I'll just start a new project in the mean time so I won't get so frustrated... just kidding.

I'll ask myself "Is there something  that I should really be paying attention to?"

Leave a comment and tell me where you been running into "waiting for the paint to dry"

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