Saturday, January 26, 2013

Chinese Market Soup

For the last few years I've made what I've termed Chinese Market Soup. The idea came about when I read an article about a open market. Where a soup vendor had a hot broth and you got to add the ingredients you wanted in the soup. And they poured the hot broth over it and you had a soup just the way you like it.

I line up all the ingredients for everyone to pick from. I always have the staples of a soup, carrots, beans, pasta, potatoes, etc. I have also put out bok choy, bean sprouts, watercress to name a few things.

The trick to serving this soup is make sure the broth is super hot. Once the broth is poured over the ingredients it cools off a bit.

The kids love it. They get to pick what they want and usually they eat the whole thing cause after all they made it themselves. LOL

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