Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas Wreath

I was really into sparkles this Christmas. To my dismay when I unpacked my Christmas decorations. I mostly have country type items. To keep the feel I wanted I pulled out anything that was sliver and white. Which by the way was not much. Some Christmas trees, a couple of Santa and my Reindeer. I also created this wreath.

I had many moons ago brought on clearance a couple of plain wreaths. I always planned to do something with them. But you know how the story goes store them and forget them. Every time I start to decorate for Christmas I find them again. By that time I had already started or completed the creations of the year I say "Next year definitely I'll do something with them."

Finally this was the year.

Can you tell I wanted shiny and glittery. Everything I bought for the wreath was silver, white and icy.
I started by spraying the wreath with artificial snow for the base.

 Then I spray some adhesive and sprinkled it with flocking powder to give it more dimension. Finally with some spot sprays of adhesive I layered on the sprinkles.

Just love the texture all those layers gave the wreath. It actually looks like it has ice forming on the branches. I then added some sliver balls,snow flakes and  icicles.

I love the way it came out and gave me the look I wanted.

It's awesome you stopped by....Thanks!!

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