Thursday, April 28, 2011

Look at what I created for Easter

I just love creating center pieces for our family get together’s.  And Holiday celebrations just allow me to go a little extra hog wild. Take a look at what I did for this year’s Easter dinner

I took this lovely 2 tiered basket that I found at Home Goods. One of my favorite stores to go to and putter. Which can be dangerous because I never leave empty handed. They just have the most delicious things!

And this Rabbit that I got many years ago, while hanging with one of my friends. She is an awesome cake decorator. I’ll put her link here when she gets her website up and running (hint hint).

And a couple of plants. Pansy’s, for that spring look. Vinca for trailing and  lettuce that’s right lettuce. It had just the right texture I was looking for.

Put it all together with some moss for this super springy Easter look. Isn’t it awesome

Of course I didn’t stop there.
I made cake pops. They were so yummy and not as hard as I thought they would be to make, just allow yourself time. Here is the link where I got the recipe:
The only thing I did different was I shaped them and let them cool in the freezer before I put the lollipop sticks in. And after I dipped in Chocolate I stood them up on a Styrofoam block to cool.  I wanted to keep an egg shape to them.

And for the main course I made a lamb. OMG was this recipe so awesome. (Sorry no picture) Here is the link For sure this will become part of my repertoire.  It had Anchovy Paste who would have thought Anchovy Paste!! And Lamb But I’m always looking for new ways to do Lamb. You just can’t have too many recipes for Lamb.  So I thought why not let’s give it a try…. what could go wrong …we were having salmon as well that day… We just all eat Salmon…. LOL. My modification on the recipe was that I doubled the marinade. Don’t know why but there never seems to be enough marinade to cover the meat in question. So I always just double. And of course when it come to garlic really… just ask yourself…. is there ever too much garlic??? Not in my book I added a few more cloves then the recipe called for. And YUMMMOOOO !!! It was awesome!!!

I hope this inspired you or at least got you hungry LOL
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