Monday, April 23, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I started a new on line art class call Make Something beautiful. I am learning how to sketch and shade. Wow this has been such a mind binder for me. I got so frustrated when  sketching. One of the things I noticed was my need to get it perfect the minute my pencil touched the paper. It was great to watch the video and see that the instructor using an eraser and taking pauses. Then the light bulb finally goes off in my head. Look she is using an eraser, erasers are your friend. LOL

The biggest thing I'm learning is to have fun with the process, relax and walk away for a while. Come back with new eyes. You can keep working on it. And no matter what... It is all good .... It really is all good! How ever it ends up.... Its all good. What an amazing realization!
Here are two sketches of my hand.

And yes I loved the way they came out.
It's awesome you stopped by....Thanks!!

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  1. Great job with the hands. " It's all good" is exactly right!