Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Card

I make my own greeting cards for birthdays, everyday and of course the Holidays.  For the Holiday cards I try to come up with 3 different designs. Seems like a lot, I know. I like sending different cards out especially when a I send a couple to the same address like in my Aunts case I send a different ones to her girls and a different design to her.

For this Thanksgiving this was one of the cards I created.

My process of coming up with the ideas can sometimes take several days to a couple weeks as I try to come up with ideas that I transfer into cards. This year I started a little late in the month can we say panic...yep picture me pulling out all my Thanksgiving stamps and as they are flying in the air chanting inspiration hit me please... hit me... hit me. 


Okay okay I wasn't that much in a panic but I was a little stressed.

I have a couple of magazines I use to inspire me and to get ideas from. I found a really cute idea that I used for this card. It was a cute butterfly card with ribbons and buttons and that morphed into my creation. I got to use a pumpkin stamp I bought last year (the top one). I fell in love with it's vintage look and the one I bought this year. Not as vintage but heck there all kinds of pumpkins right?

Here is a pictures of all the pumpkins stamped out ready for coloring in and cutting out.

 I really love the way it came out. And they were tons of fun to make. 

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