Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saying Good-bye To My Little Man

Today I said goodbye to my buddy Gus. Of the three ferrets that shared their lives with me he was the sweetest. He was so gentle, sweet and easy going.
He loved going outside. I remember trying to put this harness on him. The second I got the last buckle fastened he was out of it. Once he understood that the harness meant it was time to explore he never fought me again to keep it on.
 He loved digging I had a tub full of shredded paper for him to play in. He would bury himself deep in the bin sometimes and go to sleep. Another of his favorite things to do was to play in his tunnel system. I would hide some food in the tunnels and he run to find his treasures.
One of his favorite places to sleep was his carrying case and the alligator bed. It was funny to watch him get comfy in the bed. It always looked like the alligator was chewing him

 Another of his favorite places to sleep was on my bed. Now I have a super high bed and it was a climb for him but he always found a way up.

Another favorite toy of his was this mouse he loved chasing it and chomping down on it. He would also try carrying it away to a hiding place.
One of his favorite pass time was trying to get to the basement. Watch this funny video showing how determined he was. Believe me he would work that door until it would pop open.
I remember the time he made snow. Take a look you see what I mean. The look on his face of pure joy. I couldn't be mad at him for getting into so much mischief.
I was cleaning up Styrofoam pieces for weeks after that.  This gave me an idea, I gave him a box of dirt to dig into. He loved it. But he came out black and cleaning him up wasn't all that fun for him or me. So we didn't do that again.

Here is another funny video of him.
We had so much fun that night. When he learned how to get out from under the box he won't stay under for long.

This last couple of months have been super tough for my sweet boy. He had a tumor removed back in June. From that operation he got a blood clot that infected his fat tissue. They had to go in and remove a large portion of his skin by his hind legs. He really never recovered from that operation. Once thing led to another. He had been in and out of the vets nearly weekly since September. I couldn't see him suffer any more. Looking at all his photos reminded me of all the fun things we did and his spark he had. I'm so glad I took so many pictures of him and his antics. My last memories of him and his suffering were so over whelming. I glad I had time this afternoon to go over all of his pictures. To realize  he did live a good full life. Take pictures my friends to remind you of your loves after they are gone. They are precious!!!

His in peace my sweet little man. Thanks for bringing such much joy into my life. You will be missed and you were so dearly loved.


  1. Love your beautiful heartfelt tribute to your little man. Rest in peace Gus.

  2. So sorry to hear about your sweet little Gus :( I love the pictures and videos, it really captures his spirit. I am glad he brought such joy to your life. Be thankful for the time and wonderful memories you had with him. Big hugs to you, Love Jess (and Eric)

    1. Thanks Jessica and I have to thank you for bringing us together.