Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What I learned from Dogs

I'm a dog walker pet-sitter. I love all the dogs I walk each one has their own special character. Here is a few things I've learned from them over the years

People watching is more fun when you are with a dog that loves people watching too. Let’s face it people get creep out if you are staring at them. But with a dog doing the people watching suddenly it’s cute, you even get few hello’s and kisses thrown your way 

Being stubborn and standing your ground eventually you’ll get your way, especially if you’re low to the ground.  If you don’t get your way it fun to watch someone trying to get you to move. 

Show major confidence when walking down the street. You automatically get respect and people don’t mess with you. Oh yeah and having a Rottweiler by your side helps too

 Say hello and be happy to see everyone that comes across your path. You well develop a fan club, you even might get treats, kisses, treats, hellos back, treats, smiles oh and did I say treats

Enjoy everything, smelling the air, rolling in the grass and getting scratched behind the ear. Just feel good and enjoy the simply things in life. Be happy and greet everyone that comes through the door. You feel good and they feel good.

Enjoy daily walks and when you meet a friend along the way it make the day and walk even better

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