Friday, October 4, 2013

My First Original

If you been following my blog you know I take tons of art classes on line. Yep I'm signed up for more than I can really keep up with. But they all looks soooo good {insert the little girl in me whining and a really big grin} Most of the art work I create is following the teachers instructions. One of the classes I signed up for last year, is not really art instruction but more along the lines of self development and then taking the lesson learned and creating a piece of art to represent the concept.

To say I was bit intimidated would be a major understatement. I was stuck, stuck, stuck. Create a piece from my head own head.... ick And then seeing all the beautiful pieces the other ladies were posting... double ick.

Last week I decided I better get a move on, stretch my wings and just go for it. Here is what I created for Paradigm shift and the changes it has on your life when you have one.

The concept for the piece was easy enough. When I have had shifts in my thinking I always feels that my heart gets bigger and my capacity to love gets bigger as well. I know I wanted to use a heart to express my idea. The first two segments were easy enough to conceptulize but the last one was a bit harder. Until I thought of wings then it all came together. Now to post on the class site or not to post.... to post.
Thanks for stopping by


  1. Wow, Esther! This is beautiful and so expressive of your concept. I love it! You are such a talented artist :)