Thursday, December 22, 2011

A month of Christmas

I am truly looking forward to Christmas this year, the first time in quite long time. I decided to get in as much Christmas as I could to keep this feeling alive. To kick if off I started with the tree lighting at the Botanical Gardens. Its starts with Caroling performed by the Westchester Men's Choral Group.

They were fantastic. They sang for about 2 hours singing all the Christmas favorites. When they sang Jingle Bells they brought up Kids for the audience to join them. It was precious to see the kids faces just light up.

And the tree was beautiful of course. When the it darker the tree just shined.

I went to see a friend of my Aunt perform at the Don't tell Mama club in the city. She had such a wonderful voice. No the show wasn't Christmasy but it was an outing and having tons of fun.

I held my annual Gingerbread House Decorating party. Everyone made such wonderful creations.

Then I went to the Train show at the Botanical Gardens. I go almost every year but this year I decided to so one of their special viewings. It was called a Bar Car night. It is held in the evening and you get a complimentary drink. Its fun to go to the special viewings, they are less crowded and its more relaxed. The special drink was variation on a screwdriver topped off with Pop Rocks candy. I felt like a kid again listening to the candy popping on my drink.  Can you believe all of these replicas are made from twigs, barks, leaves, and seeds.

And yes that is Yankee stadium.

Here is one of the trains that were running around the displays

And to top it all off I've been watching just about every Christmas show they were airing on T.V. and listening to Christmas music everyday. Yep I had the Christmas spirit all month long. It's been fun.

Have a great Holiday and a Happy New Year!!!

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