Friday, March 23, 2012

Lovely Hearts

I started taking classes from Christy Tomlinson.   OMG! she is such a pep. She has you laughing and crying and falling off your chair all within 15 seconds of each other. True to my nature I have enrolled in almost every single class she is currently offering. I know, I know my plate is already super full. I just couldn’t help myself. She is just so super cute. Luckily for me, I got one for free and the others at a discount.  Throw a sale at me and you got me. Especially if I’m already biting at the bit to get the item.  LOL. The added bonus of access to the classes for a year was not a bad deal either. I can work at my own pace with no pressure of a deadline. Anyway or as Christy says  anywayz… I had to show you these cute little hearts I made from the Gilded Valentines class.

I had so much fun doing the first ones I couldn’t stop. I made three more, with plans to do more.

 I stuck with more vintage look because I wanted the hearts to be ohhh so romantic LOL. I love that  I was able to  make these hearts with scraps that I had on hand and I got some donations as well.

I can't wait to do more hearts with different colors. I see bright pinks and purples in the future maybe even some indigo blue ooh ohh velvet ....oh yeah more hearts definitely have to be made.

 More goodies to show soon. Check out her classes I highly recommend then.

It's awesome you stopped by...Thanks!!!

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