Sunday, March 11, 2012

Valentine's Day Card

Valentine's day, that one day a year where millions of boxes of chocolates are given to your loved ones. Long stem roses are delivered and for some of us filled with angst. For this past Valentine's Day I wanted to focus on just the love part of the day. In order to be rejoice on the Love I created this really sweet simple card.

I used cream for the base and a burgundy for the frame.

I cut out a square from the center of the burgundy square that fit the heart stamp I wanted to use. I also wrapped a piece of sisal cord around one side. The cord was a bit to thick straight off the roll. I had to pull it apart to make it a bit thinner. It got quick messy with pieces of sisal everywhere. LOL

To center the  the heart properly on the card, I held the burgundy frame in place stamped the heart and then glued the frame. I did it this way because if the heart stamped didn't end up quite centered than I could still move the frame a little while still keeping things looking balanced. Once the frame was glued down I than stamped the word Love on the bottom.

I had lots of fun creating this for my friends and family. I sure hope they felt the LOVE in it ; )

It's awesome you stopped by....Thanks!!!

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