Saturday, October 20, 2012

Vacation Part 2

On my last post I talked about my vist to Montauk point.

While I was out in the Island I thought I would take advantage and go to the Lavender by the bay farm that I had read about in the NY times a few years ago. It was so beautiful to see row after row of lavender

Here are some of my favorite pictures from my visit to Lavender by the bay.

Another thing I did while out on the Island was to go to some of the winery's. I mean why not I was out there already it would be a shame to miss the opportunity. I knew you would agree with me. Here are some of the place I visited.

One Woman winery. The place was adorable. The little house was the tasting room. And yes the place is basically run by one woman. She does nearly everything from tending to the grapes all the way to making the wine. The tasting room has only one man hee hee hee on staff. The rest our woman. It is the only place where the One Woman hires help.
My next stop was the...

Sparkling Pointe  vineyard. Where One Woman was rustic and homey, Sparkling Pointe was elegant with chandeliers, Italian music and a new glass given to you for each pouring. They are the only vineyard from what  understand that does champagne on the Island. They do it traditionally as will. with the fermentation done in the bottle.
The last vineyard I went to was Vineyard 48. I had been to this vineyard before.The reason I went back was because they had a outstanding Cab Franc. I really wanted another bottle. The place had changed dramatically. They turned into mainly a party place with frozen sangria. Yep you can cringe right along with me.  And yep you guessed it there was no Cab Franc. Sorry forgot to take Freud came out.
Stay tuned I have one more adventure to share from my vacation in my next post.
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