Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vacation Part 1

Hi Guys I had two full weeks of vacation at the of September. I haven't taken 2 weeks at one time in a long time. So it felt super special. I had decided to do 2 day trips to places that I have been longing to go. One of the places was Montauk Point. I heard about how beautiful it was and that inspired me to go. I imagine myself going to the furthest point of Long Island. standing on the sandy beach with the wind blowing in my hair.

Well it didn't quite turn out that way. No sandy beach at least not were the light house was. But it was still very beautiful.

At the point it was very rocky and the beach was mostly fisherman. I believe it was call surf casting. From the photos on the museum walls some big fish have been caught from those very shores.
The lighthouse was one of the first ever built in the USA.

The museum itself was very nicely done telling the story of the point. I was very surprised to see how much of  the land the lighthouse stands on has been eaten away by the sea and preservation efforts  taken place to keep the rest of it from washing away.

I stay over night at the Sole East resort. The room was awesome!

Everything in the room was white except for the curtains and pillows. It was very tranquil and Quite. Oh my god it was so spectacularly quite just loved it. I wish I had taken photos of the lobby. It was also all white with brown sink and hug you chairs. Really loved it. And of course dinner at the Backyard restaurant. Which was part of the resort. Yep forgot my camera in the room and kicked myself for it. But at least I can tell you what I had. Butternut squash soup, pasta with roasted tomatoes, chickpeas and peppers. Super yummy and for dessert a chocolate torte to die for. If I go back to the point I will most difinetly be going back here for dinner. Yummmmy!!
More of my adventures on the Island in my next post.... stay tuned

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