Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Art Piece

It took a while to create the art piece for this month’s word. I had a hard time thinking of an image that when I looked at it would give me the feelings of health and the journey I'm on.. My first thought was to do a collage of healthy things like fruit, veggies, water and/or people exercising. But for that I could look at my vision board. Then I watched a video from Donna Downey showing how she used stencils and modeling paste to put a word on a canvas. Loved it!

Using her idea, I wrote out the word health. Added color and then I was like okay... now what. At this point the piece looked nice but there really wasn't much of the inspiration I was hoping for.

 Then I remember that my meaning for health was Vitality and Radiance. I thought of a bird flying.  I played with many different options with the birds, I ended up with just a solo bird. I also placed a rhinestone on the piece for radiance. In the picture it looks like a black dot. LOL

I really love how the piece came out. Every time I see the piece it reminds me what I really want on my journey toward being healthy.

Love to hear what you have surrounded yourself with to keep your inspiration going as you move toward your goals for 2015.

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