Saturday, January 31, 2015

My Month Delving into Health

Holy Cow! You know that saying what you put your attention to grows. It totally happened that way this month. The more I studied health the more information would come my way. I really learned lot about food and how there is so much more to eating than our hunger for food.  Health has so many parts that are integrated that to be truly healthy you have to consider your mind, spirit and environment not just the physical. It's so important to become aware if your hunger is for food or are you eating to compensate for your hunger in other areas of your life. I also learned about how sugar, gluten and your mind can affect your gut. How your gut and it's health affect not only your body and diseases but also your mind/brain. That your gut has just as many nerve ending as your brain. So when you say "I just feel it in my gut". There is a reason for that. LOL I know I just scratched the surface. I have a lot more to learn. Gratefully I don't feel overwhelmed and what has opened up for me is the phrase "Well isn't that interesting" 

To wrap up for the month 
 I didn't get to do the detox I read about in the book Clean this month but I have in on my schedule for late February. I read 2 books and started a third this month. This third book Revive was not on my original list. It was mentioned in the book Clean for those who thought they might be suffering form adrenal fatigue. Really loving this book, he has some awesome yoga poses that I am in love with.

I have started to reduce my sugar load and gluten. This will really help when I do the detox at the end of February. I am feeling better for it. I also have form the habit of going to sleep at a reasonable hour every night. I've been making my water intake most days. I have to share how this is happening. I started by drinking at least 16 oz before I left for work every morning. This started the ball rolling for the day and the rest of the day I just seemed to reach for water more often. Maybe this tip will help you out if you are trying to increase your water as well.

Exercise is becoming a habit and I'm looking forward to it. About mid month I had to fight the urge to exercise harder to see results faster. I had to keep reminding myself the idea was to form a habit not to work harder. This was a victory for me. I know in my heart had I given in to this urge I would have hit it hard and been super achy. My exercise habit would have been down the tubes.

I've kept up with my journaling I love this habit. I have been trying to incorporate this habit in my life for some time now. Some days my entries are long and most days short. knowing all I have to do is write a few sentences has taken the pressure off having set amount of time to write .

Some side benefits of doing all this... I'm reading.... 2 and 1/2 books in one month, my last book took me 3 months to read. I am so loving this. Another side benefit is that I'm blogging again. Creative writing is a tank filler for me. Makes me smile.

Next month is all about Connection... wonder what will open up for me on that word of the month

Hope your first month of the year was wonderful

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