Saturday, February 7, 2015

February word of the Month

February word of month is connection. Connection another loaded word, it could be a focus on…. Connection with my beloved… connection with friends and family… connection with the world… connection with spirit….what I connect with. When I thought of the word connection originally I was thinking connecting with myself, my body, my thoughts. Being present to how I connect with those around me. I think I will follow this path and see where it leads me. Again I am going to keep my action steps simple.

My first action step will be journaling. I believe most of this work will be done with writing and reflecting on my day and interactions with myself and others. And of course it will be the easiest action step since I already have the habit of journaling from last month.

My second action step will be reading. This worked so well last month that I decided to continue with this kind of action step. Plus with the added bonus of reading of my favorite activities built in... happy factor. Yeah! I've chosen these two books.

Keeping my reading list shorter this month. 6 books last month there was no way. Can you say "over achiever". LOL I'm learning. I'm finishing up Revive shortly but I'm itching to jump into these books.

My third action step is giving a hug every day. This will be big stretch for me ... imagine this being said in the big echoy voice "Going outside my comfort zone" That is what this work is all about right? I'm already feeling the panicy tightness in my chest. LOL From what I figure, hugs release Oxytocin the bonding/feeling yummy hormone. What better way to practice connection but hugs. Yes hugging myself counts.

What have you been working on so far?

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