Saturday, February 28, 2015

What I learn during Month on Connection

I had a really hard time with the delving into connection. Connection what does it really mean. What does it mean to me. Just like the painting "to breath life into". Is what I found Connection to meant to me. I think to development connection one needs to be present... in the moment... letting everything else fall away. Let's take talking on the phone with someone. how many times do you wash the dishes or continue reading your emails while on the phone. I'm so guilty of that. But when you stop all else all that you are doing and be truly present for the person you are talking with. Suddenly you really hear them, know whats important to them and connect.

I get so busy in the doing a don't stop and really be present. Mostly I don't stop to be present for myself. There is things I found out about myself I didn't even know. Here is a funny one. I always have my fried eggs easy over. Not because I like them that way but because I like the white part totally cooked. I really prefer sunny side up, with the white part totally cooked and yellows still runny,  hard to do. Here is a hard one. By not being present for myself I don't honor myself. That one was a bit hard to swallow and face.

I haven't finished the books I've been reading "37 days" and "Madly in love with me". I am really enjoying them. I know this will cut into the books I have picked for next month. I might have to pick just one.

I did do the cleanse this past week. It was easier than I thought it would be. Shake in the morning, regular meal for lunch and a shake for dinner. I had some side effects while on the cleanse. After talking to my father about it, we both concluded that I was probably releasing toxins faster than eliminating them. I plan to go back on the elimination diet for another 3 weeks and do the cleanse again. Keep you posted how and if it goes.

Next month Spirituality...

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