Saturday, January 10, 2015

Picking a word for the Year.

Pick a word for the year has become a popular concept. Where you a pick word something you want to work on all year long. Say like Gratitude or Rest. Then you take the word and incorporate into your daily life, reflect on it and grow from it. I really like the idea myself. I started doing it 2 years ago myself. Last year my word was Fun. I was starting my 50 year and I wanted to celebrate all year long after all this is the BIG ONE. I figured it would be a great word to work with, do and incorporate fun into my life all year ending with my big celebration in December. I started out really well with a " Starting my 50th year birthday party", creating artwork I could look at and remind myself about my word.  But by April and May I all but forgot about my word. And the word from the year before? Well that word didn't even last to the end of January, I can't even remember what the word was.

Then I was reading a blogger Stephanie Ackerman. She was picking a word for each month and giving herself exercises to bring the word into her life for the month. Such as reflecting, doing artwork and journaling about the word. I really liked that idea. Small bite size pieces to incorporate each month.

hmmm now I have to come up with not one word but 12.... yikes... and I want them to be meaningful to me... double yikes... words to grow into... triple yikes...

Enter my vision board,

 something I created to reflect my goals for 2015. Phew!!! The light bulb went off in my head. I pick my 12 words from there. Six words popped out at me right away. Health, Connection, Reflection, Repair, Art, Spirituality. The next six took a bit. I ended up using words that complemented the words I already had. So here is my list:

January -- Health
February -- Connection
March -- Spirituality
April -- Repair
May -- Contemplation
June -- Self care
July -- Art
August -- Restore
September -- Reflection
October -- Association
November -- Style
December -- Truth

I'm keeping it simple for the exercises to incorporate these words into my life. Do an art piece that reflects the word to me, take an action step and journal about what that concept/word means to me.

Did you pick a word for the year..two.. maybe twelve?

Well I'm off to go buy a journal to use for this year just dedicated to 2015 words.

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