Saturday, February 25, 2012

Soup Oh Delicious Soup!

Soup is one of the easiest and fastest meals you can make. You can make soup out of anything, your leftovers, a handful of veggies, even just opening up a array  of different kinds of canned beans and crushed tomatoes and presto you have instant soup. I had a friend who use to make individual chicken soup for her son. Using one piece of chicken thigh or leg (sometimes they were even frozen), leftover veggies if she had or chopped up a carrot with pasta and her son was happy as a clam. What brings me to talk about soup. Well I had bunch of veggies I didn't get to cook during the week and very short on time I decided to make a veggie beef soup. I did go out to buy a couple of extra veggies because I wanted a really super veggie soup. (Trying to have a wholesome meals for my busy week.) I only needed a few and small amount didn't want to have more uncooked veggies leftover.

 I floured and browned the meat. Instead of using the usual onions to start I used a leek.

As I cut up the veggies I just threw them into the pot to start to cook them as I continued to chop away. This included carrots, parsnip, cerely, turnip, green beans and broccoli rabe.

 I also raided my pantry and threw in some procini mushroom which I chopped up to almost a power and a can of cannellini beans and chickpeas. Total time took about a little over an hour but if you use less veggies or they are already cut up it will be much faster. Cover everything with enough water to cover, threw in some beef bouillon and set to simmer.

 The soup did come out delicious. They only mistake I made would be that I didn't cut up the stewing beef into smaller pieces. This cut of beef needs time simmering to soften up. Mine where a little chewy. But If you use chicken that wouldn't be a problem. I had read some where that when cutting up veggies for soup you want to make sure they are small enough to fit in the soup spoon. Normally I do but as you can see this time around it was all about getting the soup done. Really when it comes down to it the preference is all yours.

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