Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Fig

The fig, most of us know the fig by The Fig Newton cookie or the dried one you find in the supermarket. But right now you can find fresh figs
They come in shades of purple to green. They are sweet and tender the whole thing is edible. I searched the web for fig recipes most of them use goat cheese but blue cheese and brie are also good cheeses to pair with the fig. A favorite of mine is using Double Cream Brie and Fig. If you can't find fresh fresh then use a fig jam with the brie on a cracker oooh so yummy!!!
This past Friday I was getting together with some friends and I used figs in this creation.

First I drizzled some olive oil on the figs. Then I split the figs in half, topped it with some double creamed blue cheese, a couple of leaves of rosemary
and wrapped the whole thing with prosciutto

Put it in the toaster oven 350 degrees for 10 min. You can cook it up to 15 minutes but the blue cheese was melting so quickly on me. That at the 10 min mark had to get them out.

Topped it off with some balsamic glaze. Which is just a balsamic vineger reduction. You can buy it already done. I've done it myself it's simple enough to make but prepare yourself for some stink and nose burning smell at the beginning. It is so worth it because the result is fabulous. I also topped some off with honey. Both of my friends preferred the Balsamic glaze but they said they wouldn't pass on the honey one either.

And I wanted to try them out on the grill so I used goat cheese instead. Goat cheese doesn't melt as easily

I did these last night. Because the goat cheese doesn't melt as quickly I was able to leave them on the grill little longer and the figs cooked a bit. It just brought out the sweet juiciness of the fig, which was so incredible. Yep you guessed I was in heaven. Wish you all were there.

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