Monday, June 27, 2011

High End Wine Tasting

On June 10th my Mom came for a visit. Which coincided with Marco's High End Wine Tasting. Yep you guessed it, I took her there. She just loved it. With anyone who has been at his high ends. You know you start with a small taste and afterwards you get a second round to finish off the bottles. Here is what we had.

Penley Estate a 2005 Shiraz Reservera, It had a Browny Red color. With coffee notes. It was thick and chewy with it spicy notes with the first swallow. It almost felt with a think syrup. After it opened the sweetness of the grape came out.

Chateau Lafleur a 2004 Bordeaux. It was a Browny Red in color. With earthy chocolate notes. It had a dry, but sweet taste but not syrupy. As it opened it's slight sweet aroma emerged.

Kilikanoon a 2005 Shiraz Reservera. Super Red in color, A Cherry and pepper note with a hint of blueberry. It was fruit forward with a blackberry taste. It was super chewy in the mouth. This one was one of my favorites. I ranked this one #2 out of the 6 we had that night.
Regusci a 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon. Black in color, with blackberry jam notes. Fruit forward and smooth drier with cheese. It opened up to a sweet smooth finish.

Lewis Cellars a 2007 100% Cabernet Sauvigon. Black in color with Coffee and tobacco notes and slight Raspberry notes. It had a spicy taste and a smooth dry finish. Not a take our tongue to our stomach dry but with prosciutto it brought out the sweetness of the wine with blue cheese it became even sweeter. This was my favorite of the evening.

A Barbi 2001 Brunello Reservera. It was a browny red with cherry and raisin notes. It was super smooth finish. I rated this one #3.

All in all the wines were wonderful. We learned a lot about regions and how each wine was made. My mom had a blast and hopes that the next time she visits she will be lucky enough to go to another tasting.

It's awesome you stopped by!!....Thanks

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