Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Harper's Resturant

A couple of weeks back I went to Harper's Restaurant in Dobbs Ferry with my Aunt. The first time we went to this restaurant we were served by someone who looked just like James Beard. Tone of voice, bald head he even looked as if James Bread would have looked like had he lost some weight but never actually lost all the gut. He gave us excellent recommendations on the food and wine. This time we had a very peppy and efficient waitress. With the noise level in the restaurant that night she did an amazing job in hearing us. And she was great in her timing with just the right amount of time between course and clearing up table. We enjoyed the following
Oyster on the half shell and
Brussels sprouts with bacon topped with a poached egg. OMG both of these dishes were outstanding. And I have been waiting for the day I can recreate this dish for myself for a leisurely breakfast.
I had a NY Strip Steak topped with caramelized Onion and Duck Fat potatoes. The steak was cook just right but those potatoes stole the show. They were tender inside and crispy on the outside and favor was spectacular. My Aunt had
Sea Scallops with a pea puree. Those scallops were tender and sweet and ohh so juicy. That pea puree was certainly a treat and a surprise for the pallet. For dessert we had a
Flourless chocolate cake that was tender and super yummy and
Creme Brulee Oh Yeah baby!! yummy!!! Delicious!!! Soo Good!! okay I think you get it.
So if you are ever in Dobbs Ferry Check this place out. You will love the decor of recaimed wood and artsy decor to the outstanding food.

It's awesome you stopped by!!....Thanks

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  1. Everything looks divine. I love creme brulee so much it actually hurts. I made it recently for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised with the results...I'm in trouble now.