Friday, June 3, 2011

The Man in My Life

This is the man in my life.

He my beloved Ferret Gus. He is so smart and gets into everything. He just loves to climb and bite things.  But he doesn't bite me he is actually very gentle. Like I said he gets into everything and he found the basement. Due to me leaving the door slightly open. This is a video of him trying to get back down there after I brought him back up.

One of his favorite things is getting into things

He he is in one of his favorite beds

And recently I started taking him on walks outside around the house. He is loving it.

What can I say I'm in love

It's awesome you stopped by!!...Thanks

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  1. He's too damn cute! Gus looks like he's having a good ole time discovering the outside. Thanks for putting a smile on my face with that video.