Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My awesome red door table

About a month  ago I picked up this red door for free from Craig's list

I just fell in love with it and couldn't leave it behind. You see I went to pick up another door and came home with 3. LOL But look at it... It really has some character doesn't it. I just couldn't let it go to the dump. I decided to make it into a table. This is the under side.

I scraped off the most of the peeling paint there were 3 colors that were reveled. The top white, a pink color in the middle and a very light yellow on the bottom. I coated it with an outdoor sealer. I thought I bought the clear sealer but it ended up having a yellow tint.
I also sealed some legs I picked up from Home Depot.
I put it all together and Voila

Now I have a unique table. There is going to be some added detail work done in the future. Want to add some hinges, a door knob and some metal straps. I'm waiting till I go to the Brimfield Antique Fair in August. to see it I can find something unusual.
Side note. I'm sending a shout out to my Aunt who came over this weekend to help me get all these projects done. Without her help I wouldn't have stay as focused to get all this done.
It's awesome that you stopped by!!!....Thanks


  1. Creativity truly stands out! Although, I’m quite puzzled on why you left those six glass panes untouched? It’s quite dangerous for it can cut skin if it shatters into pieces. Plus, make sure that you sanded the surface of the door to make it smooth. Be sure you wear a mask while doing it.

    1. Thanks for your comment. It door has been sealed to preserve the patina. I just couldn't take out the glass I loved the look so much. When I use it I tend to put something decorative on that end to help prevent any accidents.

  2. Very impressive! How you repurposed that door is really extraordinary. I never knew that doors can be made into a table. Anyway, you can add some furniture on top of those glass panes if you don’t have any plans to remove it.