Thursday, May 26, 2011

DeAnna’s Restaurant in Lambertville, NJ

While in Lambertville we went to DeAnna’s Restaurant and Bar My friend had been there before, she pick this place for us because she knows what a foodie I am. Plus that I had been looking for a chocolate dessert. You know the one that is slightly cakey but also gooey; rich melt in your mouth kind. I had several chocolate desserts during the week and they all were disappointing. She promised this would not. She was right!
The décor of the resaurant had Moroccan influences with a modern twist. The color where of delicious oranges, purples and blues with a sprinkling of flowers and bird accents. Our table had a bench on one side and 2 chairs on the other. The bench side was loaded with super comfy pillows that just beckoned you to come sit and stay a while.
This restaurant is known best for their fresh pastas which are made daily and are of course to the whimsy of the owner so you don’t know exactly which ones she has prepared for the day. The specials were an array of fish and meats. The special appetizers were Antipasto, grilled Romaine lettuce and an Eggplant Neapolitan. I had the Grilled Romaine lettuce that came with a Caesar.

 I have heard of grilled lettuce before and thought “now why would I want warm wilted lettuce”. So when presented with the opportunity, I jumped at the chance to proved myself right. Well, I was dead wrong. Yes the lettuce was slightly warmed but still crunchy. The grilling added a layer of flavor that is hard to describe. The dressing was amazing, slightly heavy with the anchovies but with the grilled flavor of the lettuce it was perfect.
Our dishes were Prosciutto with peas in a cream sauce, Pasta Bolognese and I ordered one of the special fish dishes of the day. Sorry I don’t remember the name of the fish.
The cream sauce that came with the Prosciutto and peas was surprisingly light with just the right coating of cheese and cream. You won’t leave the restaurant dragging your belly on the ground after eating this dish.
The Pasta Bolognese dish was equally delicious.  The fresh tender pasta was perfectly coated with the sauce and the sauce had an interesting twist with the addition of sausage.
The Fish dish was sautéed in olive oil over high heat until the edges were crispy and leaving the center oh so tender. It was served over a lime sauce and broccoli on the side.
Dessert oh Dessert!
Yes we had the cake that my friend raved about. Which, when we arrived were told it was not quite ready yet. It still had to set and perhaps it would be ready to serve when we had reach dessert time. Well, it was just acceptable to the chef for serving. The cake was everything my friend promised it would be and more. Soft, gooey melty perfection of chocolate.
I have to go back just to see what this cake would be like when the chef would say is was proper to serve. Which my friend said was everything I just describe to the 10th power if you can just imagine that. We also had a cupcake with a rum cream frosting.
This too was chocolate perfection. A super moist cake that was light, airy and tender. The frosting had just a hint of rum flavor that enhanced the cream. And when paired with the chocolate cake, it made it more chocolately if there is such a word.
The service was excellent, our waitress was very accommodating. She of course was the main reason we got to enjoy the chocolate cake. I sure wish this place was closer to my area. I would be here often!
It’s awesome you stopped by!!.... Thanks

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  1. Wow, everything looks sooooooooo good, thank you for making me drool at work!