Monday, May 9, 2011

Whole life living

I've been going to a health for the last couple of months. She is the greatest. The philosophy that she teaches is not just on the eating but your whole life, like your environment and thoughts. Thur her I have discovered that my meals didn't always have to include a side of cow. I've learned that chicken is not as yucky as I thought when I buy organic. Then the chicken can be quite tasty. I have had tons of fun experimenting with all types of grains. I've learned that I must and I mean must have time to craft so I can be happy. I've learned that I need to have a minimum of 15 minutes every morning to linger over coffee so I can start my day right. And the major break though came this weekend I that am actually starting to be kind to myself. Here is her link if you would like to know more  She does do consults over the phone for those who think they are to far away to benefit from this. I highly recommend at least checking her out. And yes ....she walks her talk!

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  1. I never thought I would love and learn so many recipes with chicken. I glad you rediscovered chicken, plus it's healthier for you.