Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Duck Eggs oh so Yummy!!!

I got introduced to Duck eggs last year at the Union Square Market. I just love going there, you can find so many different things not available at the grocers. This year at my most beloved craig's list there was a post from someone selling Duck eggs close to my area. Oh boy was I a happy girl. Look at these beauties. The ones with the EB stamped on them are chicken eggs.

Now you would think bigger egg more egg white. Nope that is why I love Duck eggs so much, There is more yolk. And being the yolker that I am. I am just in heaven. See the comparsion in color and size.
Chicken egg's yolk is pale yellow

Duck egg's the yolk is almost orange!

Here is my favorite way to eat them.

You guess it.... fried so I can enjoy that yummy thick yolk to all it's glory. Ahhhh so good....... so yummmyy!!!!

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