Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Weekend Projects

Boy I put a lot on the plate for this weekend. Plant a whole load of stuff I got durning the week, move plants and set up my veggie garden.

Here is where I started. This side of the house is weed ridden and dark.

I got these hostas from someone giving them away.
Look at the side of the house now. Way Way better!

Planted some herbs...

Thanks to my cousin for these pots and Yep these is your chives and sage still growing.
These bushes had to be moved to make way for my veggie garden.

Now a big empty space...

Looks great doesn't it.... Lots of hard work..... Now now before you start thinking I'm some super person for getting these bushes out of the garden. A friend of mine stopped by to say hello and saw me struggling. He took over in less than 15 minutes both bushes where out of the garden. and he even dug the hole for it's new home. Boy that was a life safer...

And here is another reason why I love Craig's list. I couldn't get both bushes in the space I had reserved for them. I posted an ad one hour later bush was gone. Hip hip hooray I'm not a plant killer!!!!
I'm hoping this little spot will look awesome next spring.

Planted all the blub I picked up for my spring decoration on the porch and in the house. I'll have to wait and see. Here is a bamboo I had big plans for. Expect I couldn't get it in the spot I wanted. The spot was rittled with roots just couldn't dig a hole deep enough
Here is the suprise of the day. Pumpkin seedlings
Last year I made a Autum display with some Pumpkins. I never got to throw out the pumpkins before winter came in and they rotted  Now the question is do I move them or leave them were they are. There is not much room from them to spread out. Hmmm will have to think about that one. Let me know what you would do.

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