Monday, May 23, 2011

A night out with the girls at Pour

Two of my friends and I went to POUR What an awesome place. This is a wine bar who list consists of small production wines that are also organic. They also have some great food. Their menu is mostly appetizer with some flat breads and panni's.

We were extremely lucky that evening, the owners personally served us. They asked us what were our likes and dislikes with wine and went about giving us tasting to see if they could pick out which ones we would like best. We got to 6 different wines between the 3 of us and I'll have to say they hit each one on the nose.

As far as food, we had a tray of Charcuterie and Artisanal Cheeses which included Wild Boar Cacciatorini, Casatica di Bufala and a aged Gouda. The platter included this amazing mustard and grilled apricots amongst other things. We also had Chickpea bites
with a Gorgonzola dipping sauce. I loved these so much that I searched the Internet for a recipe and I found one. You bet I'll be cooking these up soon. We also had 2 flatbread that were out of this world.

Sorry I didn't take more pictures I got caught up in the moment and it slipped my mind. I'll do better next time. And yes there will be many next times at this place. Wonder around their web site the place is simply beautiful!!!.

It's awesome you stopped by.....Thanks

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  1. I love the plate they used to serve you ladies the chickpea bites. I have to admit they sure look good! You better stop with the Food Porn, LOL.